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Voche Baby Body Milk NOURISHES your baby’s tender skin AGAINST RASHES, IRRITATION and BLEMISH. Our premium bath wash PROTECTS and CLEANSES your baby’s soft skin. The Voche full body ALMOND OIL, SOOTHES and PROTECTS the scalp.
  • Keeps the child's skin fresh and smooth
  • Protects against harsh weather conditions
  • Smells great and likable to children
  • Eliminates the issue of unnecessary sweating
From the very first moment I do everything I can to get the best for my baby. That's why I only trust VOCHE Skincare, It protects against skin rashes, irritation and glows the tender skin. It ensures that every single ingredient is gentle on my baby's delicate skin. So when am doing my best for my baby, Voche ensures I have one less thing to worry about. And I can feel reassured that Voche Baby Products are mild and gentle, that way I can concentrate on other things that matters.
  • It is made from pure herbal extracts and safe on babies
  • Affordable Premium Products that is available to all
  • Nice fragrance and effective in protection
  • Well packaged for longer storage
Voche Products are made not just for babies or children alone. They are also good for everyone who desires a tender and smooth skin with longlasting freshness. This is what you will get if you use any of our products. Looking good is good business.
  • Looking good is great and so is smelling nice too
  • Every skins deserves to be tenderly treated
  • Using Voche products keeps your skin smooth all day long
  • It is designed to take care of your tender skin


Lucky Egwai

Voche Skincare is exclusive Brand of slides Investments Company Ltd; Suppliers of Medical devices and Skincare Products.

At Voche keeping the baby cleanse, healthy and glowing is everything. The voche Baby body milk nourishes the baby's skin against Rashes and Irritations. While the bath wash protects and cleanses the baby's soft skin. The full body Almond Oil Soothes and protects the scalp.


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